Andre Rennes Joins VeriDoc Global as Director.

04 Apr 2019

VeriDoc Global

We are proud to welcome Andre Rennes as he joins the VeriDoc Global team as Director. He will be heading up our Brazil office and San Francisco office where he is based. Using his expertise and knowledge, in developing digital tools against fraud and in the field of decentralized security. Andre also has a law degree and 12 years experience in business development, and fluent in mulitple languages.

Andre is coordinating operations in the Brazillian market with VeriDoc Global with the goal to move Brazil into the next step of the digital world with blockchain solutions. While expanding our US market and setting up California. We are happy to have him as part of the VeriDoc Global Team, he is a welcomed addition with his expertise and knowledge in the field of Forensic Criminology and Forensic Criminal Law and Fraud.

It's shaping up to be an exciting year at VeriDoc Global. We look forward to a productive and bright future, as Andre joins us in conquering fraud on a truly global scale.