VeriDoc Global Partners with Unnisoft

18 Aug 2023

VeriDoc Global

VeriDoc Global is thrilled to unveil an exciting new collaboration with Unnisoft, a renowned provider of top-tier consulting services and enterprise solutions within the blockchain domain. This strategic partnership marks a significant milestone in advancing the power and reach of blockchain solutions in India.

Unnisoft is recognized for its expertise in delivering cutting-edge consulting services and enterprise solutions. With a proven track record in developing blockchain solutions for organizations, Unnisoft brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the table.

A key outcome of this partnership is the introduction of VeriDoc Global’s cutting-edge technology to Unnisoft’s esteemed clientele. This infusion of innovative blockchain solutions promises to elevate operational excellence and redefine the way businesses interact with data security and verification.

By integrating VeriDoc Global’s advanced technology with Unnisoft’s existing client base, both entities are positioned to reap unprecedented benefits. This strategic alliance not only amplifies the strength of their offerings but also provides clients with a seamless blend of expertise and technology, creating a harmonious ecosystem that fosters efficiency and growth.

Furthermore, this collaboration will serve as a catalyst for VeriDoc Global’s expanded visibility throughout Kerala and other regions of South India. By leveraging Unnisoft’s well-established network, VeriDoc Global is poised to make a transformative impact on the regional blockchain landscape.

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